Must Win Overview

2015, Herold & Huth, art project

The extensive multimedia installation Must Win Overview investigated the absurd out-growths of the obsession with ‘optimisation’ that has spread to all facets of contemporary life. Professional life particularly has been reduced to a singular goal of profit maximisation, while all alternative goals are pushed out of focus. The optimised and normalised person functions as a cog, a unit, within a system that is ruled by the principle of endless growth, where everything is subsumed beneath the pursuit of success. Each individual compares him- or herself to others in an atmosphere of constant competition and endeavours, above all, to be efficient.

Exhibition: 1984, Papierfabrik Dachau (a former industrial factory), August 2015.

Der Schuldenlöscher (The Guilt Extinguisher), Full HD video, 2015, 9’20’’ loop
Walk Your Talk, video, 2015, 3-channel, 5’08’’, sound, password: mustwin
Kleine Annäherungsphilosophie für den Menschen von heute (Small approach philosophy for the people of today), collage, 2015, 3 piece series
Perfect Body A12, video-mixed-media-installation, 2015
Erfolg hat eine Mutter (Success has a mother), installation, 2015, books, wood
Kettler Golf 2 (Wolf Steiling), interactive installation, 2015, mixed media
Auflistung der Fakten mit positivem Einfluss (A list of the facts with a positive impact), collage, 2015, 6 piece series
Total Quality Control, 3 light boxes