• Void (Woodlands)

    Video by Barbara Herold & Florian Huth, 2016

    VOID (Woodlands) is a computer-generated idealized landscape from which all traces of civilization and individuals have been eliminated, shifting the focus to the setting, the natural scene. The work allows for a virtual experience of nature, the "hyper"-realistic and thoroughly meaningless space of an idyll: illusion, dream destination, utopian space, scene of quiet and contemplation. VOID also quotes the landscape paintings of the Romantics and the religious or mythical notion of the Golden Age to chart an escapist voyage out of the real and into the artificial world of the virtual game, which comes to seem like a new reality.

    24'38'' Loop, Full HD | 3D-Support: Julian Bergheim | Portions of this video are included under license © 2004-2016 Crytek GmbH. All rights reserved. Watch it on vimeo.

    installation views: Networking the Unseen | Villa Merkel, Esslingen | 2017 Favoriten III | Kunstbau Lenbachhaus Munich | 2016