• Symphonie 31

    2008 | LABOR 45 | interactive installation

    The installation Symphonie 31 is positioned in the ‚in-between‘ of charming handmade electronics and the simulation of cyberspace. The visitor`s imagination and their power of association are the basic elements of the simulation.

    Underneath white crossmarks simple handmade ca- pacitors have been placed as step sensors. The visitor produces and modulates sounds in dialogue with simple oscillating circuits. Symphonie 31 is played by mo- ving, stepping and dancing through the 10 meter long corridor. The last step-on contact starts a pacman-like animated sequence and takes leave with a „You got it“ and a computer game winning melody.

    Mixed media: Aluminium foil, paper, cable, circuit board, electronic components, 9V-amplifiers, speakers, carpet, packaging foil, TV screens, computer, Pure Data programming  | Exhibited at LABYRINTH 45, DomagkAtelierTage XV, Haus 45, Munich | video documentation