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    2019 | geotagged Augmented Reality installation | Forum Münchner Freiheit Munich

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    Data processing has been translated as an acoustic-visual augmented reality experience into urban space. Places are sensually perceptible compositions of the real. In STACK OVERFLOW, the Forum at Münchner Freiheit is re-composed, acoustically and architecturally fragmented, sorted and layered in continuous loops. STACK OVERFLOW transforms the forum's brutalist architecture into falling sound sculptures and towering stacks.

    Concept & creation: Barbara Herold | code: Frank Groh | sound design: Kim Ramona Ranalter (Kim_Twiddle) | sound mastering: Simon Kummer | part of Frequencies – Acoustic Dimensions of the City | artprize initiated by the City of Munich.

    Münchner Freiheit 7, Munich,  stackoverflow-ar.de, video documentary (3:25 min)

    Opening | App Launch, July 4th, 7 pm with a liveact by Kim_Twiddle