• Sonic Space Suits

    2009 | LABOR 45 | noise performances

    Made of aluminium-foil and paper, the Sonic Space Suits are Prêt-à-porter instruments that a low voltage is conducted through. With countless cables they are connected to circuits and computers, producing sounds that are at times shrieking, and at others rhythmic. This delicate setup, anytime close to breakdown, in conjunction with the exposure of the performers tells about dreams and struggles in an engineered world.

    (1) Aufstand der Textilen Zeichen, Rote Sonne, 2009 | (2) Geh8, Dresden, 2009 | (3) Crotla Collection, Lothringer13 Laden 2009 with Niel Mitra & Wolf Steiling

    Sonic Space Suits made of aluminium foil, paper, adhesive foil, velcro fastening, cable, circuit board, electronic components, Arduino microcontroller, Pure Data programming