• Im Schatten der Linden

    2008 | interactive installation

    The piece Im Schatten der Linden (In the Shade of the Lindens) is an artificial garden which unfolds a contemplative sense of hypnotic harmony. Brisk linden tree seeds fall in a whirling dance through a lush thicket of blossoms and branches. A torch provides dim light, glowing between the linden trees. When a visitor enters the garden and steps out of the shadow into the light, a reaction is catalysed that sends shock waves through the garden. The dancing seeds are paralysed and the bramble of vegetation intertwines in the viewer’s eyes into high speed whirling patterns. After several seconds of unrest, the garden returns to calm and the seeds continue their dancing fall.

    Motion tracking with Pure Data | Material: PC, webcam, spot, dried seeds of limetree, projector. video documentation @ LABYRINTH 45, Domagkateliers Munich, 2008