• Am Anfang war der Sinn

    2018 | In the beginning was the meaning

    Video installation with live sound performances by Jaromir Zezula  | Hearthouse Club Munich

    Site specific single-channel video for 17 LED screens, 4K, 15:15 min loop

    The work refers to the classical understanding of man in the introductions to Goethe's Faust. In the beginning was ... the prologue in heaven (# 3). Man (Faust) striving for the highest ideal—freedom—is the victim of the wager between God and the devil. Faust, caught between heaven and earth, reason and instinct, is tested and seduced by his dual nature. He is the plaything of his inner dichotomy, which visually, acoustically, spatially and psychoactively is released upon every individual.

    In the beginning was ... the meaning (...) In the beginning was ... the power (...) In the beginning was ... the act (...)

    Part of the exhibition Die Kunst ist lang... by UNPAINTED & Max 33 Kunstinitiative, Feb. 23 – March 03, 2018 | Faust-Festival Munich

    documentation on VIMEO

    (1/2/3) photos by Sonja Allgaier |(4) live act, March 1 2018 | (6) production stills