Barbara Herold (*1977) media artist, Munich.


shows (selection)


2019 – upcoming

Frau A.S. trifft Volker Böhringer – aus der Graphischen Sammlung der Stadt, Villa Merkel, Esslingen

Stack Overflow, Augmented Reality at Münchner Freiheit,  public art prize Frequenzen, Munich



BELLE & APHRODITE, Augmented Reality, Kunst im Freien / public art, Merkelpark & Villa Merkel, Esslingen



MIRAGE MIRAGE, Periscope Salzburg (A)

Blickfang 2018, Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren (D)

What’s Love got to do with it, -iV Kunst und Forum, Munich

Wirksam Vereinen – Kulturelles Erbe und zukünftige Wirksamkeit, Kunstverein Ulm (D)

Die Kunst ist lang…, Faust Festival München, Hearthouse Munich



Networking the Unseen, Villa Merkel, Esslingen (D)

Jahresgaben 2017, Kunstverein Ulm (D)

VIDEODOX 02, UNDERDOX-Festival, Galerie der Künstler,  Munich

Die Wiese…, Karin Wimmer Contemporary Art, Munich

UNPAINTED – Art in the digital age, Palazzo Pisani, Venezia

Echo+Rapport,  Verein für Original-Radierung e.V., Munich

FREHOESTORN. Galerie Foe, Munich



Aura Undercover, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna (A)

100% Internet, Karin Wimmer Contemporary Art, Munich

I WE ALL, mixed media project with Florian Huth, Studio Blau, Künstlerhaus, Saarbrücken (D) – solo show



Codes – Geheimnisse & Botschaften, 2. Kunstbiennale, Haus der Kunst, Munich

1984,  Schlossausstellung in der Papierfabrik Dachau (D)



Infinitum, Allianz Stiftungsforum am Pariser Platz, Berlin

New Wave from Germany by CLUB eX, Korean Film Archive, Seoul (Korea)

Pretty Ugly, Uamo Festival, Munich

SUPER – Der Markt! KVD Galerie, Dachau (D)

Transformation, Haleh Gallery, Berg (D)– solo show

Haleh Gallery, Unpainted Art Fair, Postpalast Munich



saarArt, 10. Landeskunstausstellung des Saarlandes, Stadtgalerie, Saarbrücken (D)

Sir Pomp Deluxe presents Schlossausstellung, Schloß Dachau (D)



Kunstsalon, Schwerpunkt 3Dimensional, Haus der Kunst, Munich

The Fabric, MaximiliansForum, Munich



Waldeslust, Whitebox e.V., Munich

Pictotion, International Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart & neue Stadtbibliothek (D)

OK. FLESH 5th Jakarta International Videofestival, Indonesia

Simultan Festival #7, Timisoara (Romania)



Große Kunstausstellung München, Offener Raum, Haus der Kunst Munich

International Art Biennale, Caochangdi Gallery of Art, Beijing (China)



2015 | Metric Ballet, (interactive) media installations by Barbara Herold, Florian Huth, Kat Petroschkat in collaboration with the Ballet of the Saarländischen Staatstheaters, Tanzfestival Saar, Saarländisches Staatstheater, Saarbrücken (D)

2014 | SUPER – Der Markt! exhibition project/curation by Barbara Herold & Florian Huth, KVD Gallery, Dachau (D) (p|b)

2012 | o.t._2012.AVI exhibition project, Domagk-Ateliertage XIX, halle 50, Munich

2008 | Labyrinth 45 exhibition project, KVD Domagk e.V., Domagk-Ateliertage XV, Munich

2008 | Gastspiele Kunst-3-Kampf, curation, KVD Domagk e.V. and Lothringer13 – Städt. Kunsthalle, Munich

2007 – 2014 | LABOR 45 research project in media art by Barbara Herold & Katrin Petroschkat, Munich



* DEKADE/DECADE, selected works 2007-2017, 165 pages, digital version 30 MB
foreword by Annette Doms, essays by Gretta Louw, Yan Han, Katrin Dillkover
collaborative artworks by Florian Huth & LABOR 45 design by vonSüden, 2018

Katrin Dillkofer’s review about Barbara Herold & media installation Wave (2014), publication: Domagk catalogue, 2015, Munich, p. 62 (German)
* LABOR 45 catalogue, 2008 – 2013, Pulse Crash – Electronic Patchworking


Barbara studied Fine Arts at the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste, Saarbrücken (Germany), specialising in new media art/digital art. In 2007 she graduated as Meisterschülerin of Ulrike Rosenbach and founded the artist-duo LABOR 45 with Kat Petroschkat, primarily working with electronic analog-digital mash ups, handmade interfaces and code until 2014. Since 2013 she has been realizing collaborative mixed media projects with Florian Huth.


video animation graphic installation

The world as a mirror at the intersection of multidisciplinary and multimedia forms of expression. Reality is a construction. My work deals with phenomena of the analog-digital interplay, which are represented in closed systems. I focus on the individual, its encoded behaviour and function within calculated, constructed, simulated forms of reality and system of masses. I investigate in orchestration and recurrent processes. There, the inherent digital – a mathematically algorithmic principle of a plot, a score or choreography – is confronted with the uncertainty and unpredictability of the genuine.


grants / collections

2019 | Frequenzen, public art, project funding by the City of Munich

2018 | collection, Graphische Sammlung, Esslingen

2017 | “Kunst im Freien”, Villa Merkel, Merkelpark Esslingen

2017-19 | studio promotion for Fine Artists by the Bavarian Ministry of Culture

2017 | project funding by Erwin and Gisela von Steiner Foundation, Munich

2016 | collection, Lenbachhaus Munich

2011-14 | studio scholarship by the City of Munich

2012 | “Junge Kunst in Bayern 2013”, LfA Förderbank Bavaria

2010 | studio scholarship by the City of Munich

2008 | project fundings by the City of Munich