Barbara Herold (*1977) media artist, Munich.


shows (selection)

2017Networking the Unseen, Villa Merkel, Esslingen (D)

2017 | Jahresgaben 2017, Kunstverein Ulm (D)

2017 | VIDEODOX 03, UNDERDOX-Festival, Galerie der Künstler,  Munich

2017 | Die Wiese…, Karin Wimmer Contemporary Art, Munich

2017 | Echo+Rapport,  Verein für Original-Radierung e.V., Munich

2017 | FREHOESTORN. Galerie Foe, Munich

2016Aura Undercover, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna (A)

2016 | 100% Internet, Karin Wimmer Contemporary Art, Munich

2016 | Favoriten 3, Kunstbau, Lenbachhaus, Munich – collaborative video work with Florian Huth

2016 | I WE ALL, mixed media project with Florian Huth, Studio Blau, Künstlerhaus, Saarbrücken (D) – solo show

2015Codes – Geheimnisse & Botschaften, 2. Kunstbiennale, Haus der Kunst, Munich

2015 | 1984,  Schlossausstellung in der Papierfabrik Dachau (D)

2014Infinitum, Allianz Stiftungsforum am Pariser Platz, Berlin

2014 | SUPER – Der Markt! KVD Galerie, Dachau (D)

2014 | Transformation, Haleh Gallery, Berg (D)– solo show

2014 | Haleh Gallery, Unpainted Art Fair, Postpalast Munich

2013saarArt, 10. Landeskunstausstellung des Saarlandes, Stadtgalerie, Saarbrücken (D)

2012 | Sir Pomp Deluxe presents Schlossausstellung, Schloß Dachau (D)

2012 | Kunstsalon, Schwerpunkt 3Dimensional, Haus der Kunst, Munich

2012 | The Fabric, MaximiliansForum, Munich

2011 | Waldeslust, Whitebox e.V., Munich

2010 | Große Kunstausstellung München, Offener Raum, Haus der Kunst Munich

2010 | International Art Biennale, Caochangdi Gallery of Art, Beijing (China)


video festivals & screenings (selection)

2017 | Unpainted – Art in the digital age, Palazzo Pisani, Venezia

2014 | New Wave from Germany by CLUB eX, Korean Film Archive, Seoul (Korea)

2014 | Pretty Ugly, Uamo Festival, Munich

2011 | Pictotion, International Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart & neue Stadtbibliothek (D)

2011 | OK. FLESH 5th Jakarta International Videofestival, Indonesia

2011 | Simultan Festival #7, Timisoara (Romania)

2005 |Östersunds Konstvideofestival 05, Jämtlands Läns Museum, Östersund (Sweden)



2015 | Metric Ballet, (interactive) media installations by Barbara Herold, Florian Huth, Kat Petroschkat in collaboration with the Ballet of the Saarländischen Staatstheaters, Tanzfestival Saar, Saarländisches Staatstheater, Saarbrücken (D)

2014 | SUPER – Der Markt! exhibition project/curation by Barbara Herold & Florian Huth, KVD Gallery, Dachau (D) (p|b)

2012 | o.t._2012.AVI exhibition project, Domagk-Ateliertage XIX, halle 50, Munich

2008 | Labyrinth 45 exhibition project, KVD Domagk e.V., Domagk-Ateliertage XV, Munich

2008 | Gastspiele Kunst-3-Kampf, curation, KVD Domagk e.V. and Lothringer13 – Städt. Kunsthalle, Munich

2007 – 2014 | LABOR 45 research project in media art by Barbara Herold & Katrin Petroschkat, Munich


publications | online-catalogues

* studioblau 16, Saarländisches Künstlerhaus Saarbrücken, Barbara Herold & Florian Huth – I WE ALL, 2017
* meanwhile…, Catalogue abor the 2016 performance focus, Verlag für Moderne Kunst, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna, p. 78-79
Katrin Dillkofer’s review about Barbara Herold & media installation Wave (2014), publication: Domagk catalogue, 2015, Munich, p. 62 (German)
* LABOR 45 catalogue, 2008 – 2013, Pulse Crash – Electronic Patchworking
* “Junge Kunst in Bayern 2013”, lfa Förderbank Kalender, 2012


Barbara studied Fine Arts at the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste, Saarbrücken (Germany), specialising in new media art/digital art. In 2007 she graduated as Meisterschülerin of Ulrike Rosenbach and founded the artist-duo LABOR 45 with Kat Petroschkat, primarily working with electronic analog-digital mash ups, handmade interfaces and code. Since 2013 she has been realizing collaborative art projects with Florian Huth.


video animation graphic installation

The world as a mirror at the intersection of multidisciplinary and multimedia forms of expression. Reality is a construction. My work focuses on (social) phenomena of the analog-digital interplay, which are represented in closed systems. I investigate in orchestrations of recurrent processes and circulating arrangements based on encoded behaviour and function. The inherent digital – a mathematically algorithmic principle of a plot, a musical score or choreography – is confronted with the uncertainty and unpredictability of the living.



2017-19 | studio scholarship, Bavaria
2017 | Erwin & Gisela von Steiner Stiftung, Munich
2011-14 | studio scholarship, City of Munich
2012 | “Junge Kunst in Bayern”,  lfA Förderbank, Munich
2010 | studio scholarship, City of Munich
2005 | 2nd price winner, Cinéfleuve (F/Lux/D), category: experimental videoart